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Sloane Robins, DVM

(305) 505-7987






My name is Sloane Robins and I am a veterinarian in Miami, Florida.  I strongly believe in the Human-Animal Bond and I strive to support that bond by helping people say goodbye to their beloved pets at home.   

I began at-home euthanasia  while in Veterinary school. At that time, I volunteered with an organization called P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Wonderful Support).  We provided at-home veterinary services for the pets of terminally ill people.  At times, these services included euthanasia.  Since that time, I have done many home euthanasias for my own pets and those of my family and friends. I have also done so at veterinary hospitals, while doing relief work (filling in for other veterinarians while they are away). I believe that pets are more peaceful in their own home, and that some people are more comfortable with this choice. 

In 2008 I was working at an animal hospital when I had to deliver some bad news to a pet owner about their beloved Rottweiler. He had bone cancer and was not a good candidate for treatment. The owner very much wanted to say goodbye at home, telling me that his dog gets very nervous in the car and was painful, making it hard to move him (he weighed 90 pounds). When I asked the staff if home euthanasia is offered, they said no. This is the case for many busy veterinary practices. The doctors do not have the time to leave the hospital to offer this service. While on the phone telling the pet owner, I decided to start my own At Home Euthanasia practice.

I want to give people the choice to say goodbye to their beloved pets at home. I want to give this gift to pets.  To me, this is a way to make a very hard experience just a little easier for the person and much easier for the pet.

Here is how my services operate. I can be contacted by a veterinarian or a pet owner. After discussing the pet's condition, individual arrangements will be made. We will agree on a day and time. There is a permission form that I will need you to sign. This form will include your choice of cremation with or without an urn. You can also choose to care for the remains yourself.

We will work together to make your pet as comfortable as possible. You can choose the place at home where he or she is most at ease. I suggest using a familiar smelling towel or blanket. After the pet is settled, I will administer a sedative injection. The sedative will take approximately 10 minutes to take effect. During this 10 minutes, I urge you to say goodbye. I can be present or leave you alone during this time. Once the medication has worked, your pet will be relaxed and sedated to the point where they will not feel any anxiety, pain or fear.

At this time,  I will prepare your pet for euthanasia. You are welcome to stay in the room or leave if you prefer. We will shave a small amount of hair and wet the skin with water. I will administer the injection in a vein. Then I will listen to his or her heart and will tell you when they have passed away. At this time, I will ask you if you want time alone with your pet. Once you are ready,  I will gently wrap your pet and take him or her when I leave. All arrangements for cremation will be made prior to our arrival, so you will not have to worry about anything except making your pet feel loved and secure.

At this time, I provide services to the following zip codes: 33143, 33146, 33155, 33156, 33157, 33158, 33176, 33189.

And now for the cost. Cost will depend on the weight of your pet and the type of cremation that you select. We will confirm the total after you have made your choices for the care of your Pet.  Payment arrangements will be made prior to our appointment time so that we can give all our attention to your Pet during our appointment.


I use Monarch Pet Services for all cremation services. They are a reputable local company owned by a trusted veterinarian.  They will treat your pet with respect and will honor your wishes for his or her care.  They offer general cremation, where your pet will be cremated with other pets and no ashes will be returned. They also offer private cremation, where your pet will be cremated alone and their ashes will be returned to you. Ashes will be returned in an attractive wood urn with your pet's name and paw print engraved on the urn.  You will also recieve a paw print in clay as part of the private cremation.

If you have chosen a private cremation, I will make arrangements to deliver the ashes to you.   I can also hold the ashes for you if you are not ready to have them yet. It takes approximately 10 days to get the ashes back. All of these choices will be made before the visit.

I know that this is a painful and difficult decision to make. I will help you through the process, making it as easy as possible for you and your pet. I believe that saying goodbye at home is a gift to yourself and your pet. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.